NAR-5 SAR Aid Kit



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The standard casualty response bag which meets the requirements for the SAR Level A Medical Bag. Designed to meet the rigorous requirements of the U. S. Navy Search and Rescue (SAR) Swimmers.

Ergo dynamic, low profile & durable casualty response bag constructed of Berry Amendment 500D CORDURA® solution dyed nylon with GhillieTEX™ hardware for near IR signature reduction and sand/water resistant, self repairing zippers with silent 550 cord pulls and is designed to be hung in aircraft or other transport vehicle by top bag handle. Featuring 6 hook-and-loop internal pouches in various sizes which can be self labeled for the specific mission set; 4 smaller pouches for hemorrhage control products and 2 larger ones to accommodate airway & intravenous products.

Pouches are designed for quick access to medical equipment necessary to respond to specific life threatening medical emergencies. Pouches attach via hook-and-loop to allow the first responder to remove the specific pouch needed to provide on-scene medical care to the patient.

Slim-line, low-profile bag is securable using anti-pilferage seals to protect all medical components inside the bag. Kit can be carried as a backpack using shoulder straps that stow away until needed.

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