Graverobber Assault Medic Bag (Basic)


MATBOCK products are made to order.  Please allow 10-12 weeks for delivery.

This item includes the MATBOCK Graverobber Assault Medic Bag, loaded out with all the up-to-date industry standard trauma supplies approved and used by the military.

See specifications for bag contents.

MATBOCK™ and CRO™ release a dual-branded product, the Graverobber™ Assault Medic (GRAM) bag.

The Graverobber Assault Medic bag is the result of years of needed improvement in bags specifically designed for the team medic. CRO brings a multi-mission approach to the design with their well-thought-out adaptability, including a panel insert that converts to a skeleton med panel which can be clipped or slung using the thin padded shoulder straps. Remove to design a custom panel that is interchangeable for different packing requirements, or easily change bags with the versatility of a panel insert.

Lighter Faster Warriors, The MATBOCK™ ethos, is realized by the GRAM. MATBOCK Ghost® material is used throughout with Tegris reinforcements, giving the inside contents protection to allow for narcotics to be set up using a soft case.

A few of the highlighted features include:

  • Carbon fiber composite reinforced shell
  • Ghost® Material with Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene
  • Jumpable with D-ring attachments
  • Waterproof
  • Mounts on ALICE frame
  • Hangs in vehicles or helos
  • Ultralight- 2.9 lbs
  • Panel insert for non-standard bag setups
  • Large workspace
  • Highly customizable

The Graverobber™ Assault Medic bag is designed to be mounted to an ALICE frame, giving the medic a slim assault bag that can be configured in many ways to enhance medical load carriage. This jumpable, water resistant bag bridges the gap between assault bags and en-route care, due to its expandable design and ability to hang.

This versatile, meticulously designed med bag was created with everyday medic load carriage in mind.

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