NuStat Trauma Pad XR




NuStat Trauma Pad XR

The NuStat Trauma Pad is a patented hemostatic dressing designed to stop bleeding in three minutes or less  The 8×12 size is  perfect for military medics, law enforcement, firemen, SWAT, veterinarians, doctor’s offices, hospitals, ER, OR, ICU, nursing homes, dentists, surgeons, and recovery rooms. Pads are available in cases of 10 only.

Hemafiber Technology™ is a patented blend of highly effective, non-impregnated, cellulose and silica-based hemostatic fibers. The specialty fibers are knitted together to form a flexible dressing that conforms to wounds, absorbs blood, and allows for compression at the injury site.  NuStat’s multimodal mechanism of action, focuses on all aspects of hemostasis, as it works with the body’s natural clotting process to facilitate rapid, effective hemostasis without the use of additives or impregnated particles.

The cellulose component binds red blood cells together and absorbs excess fluid as it stems excess blood flow from the injury site.  This absorption acts to concentrate the cellular and molecular mechanisms needed for effective hemostasis.

The silica component works simultaneously to promote platelet activation and attachment at the wound site. This well-known phenomenon is known as the “glass effect” and locally enhances the body’s normal platelet activation response, which helps accelerates the body’s natural formation of the platelet plug.  In addition to increasing the rate of platelet activation and attachment, the silica component works to speed the initiation of the molecular mechanism of hemostasis through the activation of Factor XII, which initiates the intrinsic coagulation cascade.